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This is a list of tasks that ACS staff, customers, and visitors are invited to take on and help with. If you’d like to help, please click the Login! button at the top right and Register. You will then be able to add comments to tasks, assign them to yourself to let us know you’re working on them, and so on. JulieDoll will be notified when new users register or changes are made. If you’d like to take on a task but would like more specifics about what is desired, leave a comment or contact JulieDoll.

We will happily reimburse any L$ you spend in the process (for uploading or buying duplicate items for testing). We are also willing to negotiate additional compensation, in L$, product discounts, special privileges, or other things that may be of value to you, especially for bigger tasks or and more skilled work. All volunteers will be recognized on the ACS website (unless you request anonymity).

We really appreciate your help!

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2Sound DesignFeature RequestMediumSound effects for Conversion Chamber and FactoryNew
Helper Tasks Task Description

Sound effects wish list #1:

- Conversion chamber door sliding open and closed (up and down)
- A high-tech lifter-transporter-antigrav thingy. Probably sort of an electronic hum?
- Metal machinery sliding along a track. Could be well-oiled and subtle.
- Bigger metal machinery sliding along a track.
- A laser-type beam carving away stone. Should have some fluctuation in it as it carves different depths.
- A laser-type beam carving away metal, otherwise like above
- Viscous fluid flowing. Probably some burbling in there.
- Formed plastic being extruded from an... extruding machine.
- Automatic construction machinery in a factory doing its thing (building a robot).
- Technological transformation going on. I’m imagining something with a vaguely Star Trek-like sound, though not something very specific.
- Technological scanning beams scanning. Again, something Trekish could do well.
- A thick aerosol spray

I’ll probably come up with more as I work on it, but that should be a good start.

3Product TestingProduct TestingMediumTest ACS Conversion Chamber procedureNew
Helper Tasks Task Description

1. Start at (instructions for purchasing CCU or ArtCore, for yourself or someone else). I’m pretty sure this works fine but it’s important to make sure that the whole process works when you start there. Note of what you spend here and I will reimburse you.

2. Follow link to Conversion Chamber instructions, and follow them.

Procedures to test:
- Converting yourself, and getting yourself out of the chamber when done.
- Converting someone else willingly (not tying them up)
- Converting someone else unwillingly (tied up)

- Conversion into artwork with artcore
- Conversion into robot with CCU

Things to look for and report any issues or suggestions with:
- Clarity and correctness of instructions
- Clarity of procedure (is it pretty obvious what to do even without the instructions? if not, what was unclear and how could it be clearer?)
- Success of overall procedure - does it work?
- Fun of overall procedure - did it look good? did it feel right? was anything frustrating? too slow? too fast? too hard to understand? etc.

Details to pay attention to:
- If you start from a new CCU, then when the conversion finishes, the robot should be deactivated but carryable (so you can put it on the workbench to activate it). The robot should also have its guided tour, and be able to activate itself if so desired.
- If you start from a new ArtCore, when the conversion finishes, the artwork should be deanimated but able to animate itself, or be animated by a Talisman.
- Hovertext above the console should always make sense and seem to match what’s happening.
- The small bank of lights inside the conversion chamber should track what’s happening.
- The subject being converted gets a series of descriptive dialogs during the process. It should be grammatically correct, make sense, be properly inspirational, and seem to match what’s actually happening.
- The process will automatically proceed after a few minutes even if the subject doesn’t advance the dialogs (to prevent an AFK user monopolizing the machine). Do the delays allow enough time for a little roleplaying if desired?
- Anything else you experience during the process (as converter or convertee).

Please report any problems, concerns, or suggestions as comments on this task. Even small nitpicks are worth mentioning, but please be clear to identify serious problems as such.

Thank you so much for helping! Please feel free to involve other volunteers in this - the more testers, the more likely you are to find all the problems!

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